I am Claudio Canales. I live in Utah, where I try to learn new things every single day.

I'm the first member of a big family to go to college. Proudly, I can say that my grandparents were from the countryside. My grandfather was a farmer, and my grandmother had to take care of her brothers and sisters. Because of that, she never got an education. Both were the elder children of their families. They had ten children, and my mother was the elder one. She got only primary education because she had to help her mother.

I'm the elder child of my family too, and I have a big responsibility to be an exemplar son, cousin, and grandson. I was able to read and write before three years old, and I performed complex mathematical operations. And for that reason, there were many expectations over my shoulders, but I'm happy to accomplish all of them. It's not a big deal for me, due this career is my passion since I was a child even when I wasn't able to afford a computer, but I used this time to do a lot of sports and make life-friends.

I applied to Amazon, and I failed, but the preparation for the process showed me that the US market was what I was looking for. I thought that study a master's first will give me more chances to get a job. Still, all the master's programs I found lasted two years, and that time without a salary and living in the US, was something impossible to afford.

Fortunately, I found one program where after 8 months of studying and living in the college, I'd be able to work doing a CPT for two years. I researched everything and decided to apply, getting a Java certification first and intensified my English studies. After few months of study and preparation, I was selected !!, and my life changed all. The dream to work with world-class engineers in world-class companies was possible, and I'm here to grow personally and professionally. Besides, I've created https://www.venausa.net to help Latin American engineers to migrate to the US as I did.